Coffee making is an art, and at Chennai Filter Coffee, we have mastered this art!


If it wasn’t for a craving for a good filter coffee it may never have happened!  


Our founders, who grew up in India, woke up to a freshly brewed cup of traditional filter coffee every single day. 

Desire for the taste of the traditional South Indian filter coffee and wishing to experience the same everyday here in Australia, they worked out a plan to take everyone by a storm – a filter coffee storm – now proudly known as Chennai Filter Coffee.  

Now we’ve become a popular brand in Australia for serious filter coffee drinkers.  We currently have multiple outlets in Sydney Metro Region serving aromatic filter coffee. We are also working on a number of innovative projects one of which is taking Chennai Filter Coffee to the global market. 

Our mission is that everyone should be able to enjoy the freshest aromatic filter coffee, everyday.