Greeny Dip is a sachet with a filter bag similar to a green tea. The filter bag we use is eco-friendly and easily decomposable in nature. Our filter bags are free from plastic and staple FREE. We have used only natural real ingredients and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS ADDED. It tastes fine with 100 ml of hot water (100 degrees) for 1 Dip bag. It is best when consumed on an empty stomach.

Mudakathan Dip

  • Mudakathan/Balloon Vine is used in Indian traditional medicine system for the treatment of rheumatism and stiffness of limbs. Mudakathan/Balloon Vine dip soup from Greeny dip is blended with the correct ratio to give a powerful soup which gives noticeable relief in arthritis, joint pain, and nerve related diseases.


    It has the Scientific name Cardiospermum halicacabum. Since it has strong anti-inflammatory properties it is considered as the most eminent remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and nervous breakdown. Some known great benefits of Mudakathan/ Balloon Vine Dip soup are Anti Arthritic Activity, Anti-Bacterial Properties, Anti Pyretic Properties, Increases Fertility, and many more. 


    Important: Above information is provided by the manufacturer of Greeny Dip. Chennai Filter Coffee does not provide any warrant for the recommendations regarding supplements for any health purposes.